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Fireworks are organized by Merritton Ward City Councillors & team.  They are dedicated to bringing the Community Together and showing the true Merritton Spirit.   


    "We are pleased to announce that the Merritton Community is preparing to host our 11th Annual Merritton Community Labour Day Fireworks Display.  This year's show will take place on Sunday September 1 2019 from  Merritton Community Park, 7 Park Avenue, St. Catharines ON"


     This event reqires dedicated support and commitment from the community businesses, groups and members alike, to raise the thousands of dollars required to show the display and provide the weekends events.  Each year our community support grows, but we're always looking for more support and financial assistance.


    Thank-you to all of the community for contributing to this event and local weekend festival.  Please contact a Merritton Councillor if you have any questions or want to be a Major Sponsor.